Unintended Consequences

Life is full of the unexpected. Our decisions and actions can bring things across our paths we don’t anticipate. These unintended consequences arrive without warning and, depending on the type, can take our breath away. Be they good or bad; they leave us surprised.

Unintended consequences that bring about adverse effects are no fun, but when you are blessed by someone else’s response to your actions… well, those are the moments that make life beautiful.

A childhood friend, Chris Scott, recently reached out to my best friend, Justin Skeesuck, and me to inform us about some surprising news. Our 500-mile wheelchair journey through Spain was being used as the inspiration for something great! A friend of his, Lynel Curd, is the coach for the Greenfield-Central Guard, a winter guard team from Greenfield-Central High School in Greenfield, Indiana. Lynel had his entire squad watch our film, I’ll Push You, and they then created their routine around our story.

When I reached out to Lynel to request a copy of the routine, I didn’t know what to expect. I sat and watched with tears of joy in my eyes as young men and women told their interpretation of our journey through their choreographed routine.

To watch someone take a part of your life and use it to create a part of their own is humbling in the best of ways.

A little over a week ago, Justin and I FaceTimed with the team and fielded questions. Thirteen young women and one young man surprised us with their insights. Questions about struggles and lessons in life gave us a peek into their minds and hearts, and everything we saw was beautiful.

There have been a lot of unintended consequences that have come out of our crazy trek through Spain—this is one of our favorites. To be reminded that someone is always watching, learning from who we are, the person we choose to be motivates us to make better choices. But, more importantly, it’s one that keeps on giving. Our journey may have inspired the Greenfield-Central Guard’s routine, but their routine has giving us the motivation to keep doing what we are doing.

To keep writing. To keep telling stories. To keep sharing love with all we encounter—because this is what makes life worth living, sharing it with others.

Greenfield-Central Guard competes on the national level. They just finished regionals and are headed to Nationals on Thursday. Click here to watch their routine.