Adventure Feeds The Soul

I love adventure for many reasons—the excitement of the unknown, sharing experiences with others, new foods, new cities, new landscapes, new perspectives. Every time I set out on some new journey or pursue a fresh experience in life, I am blessed by so many things. But I have grown to anticipate one thing above all others. No matter how grand the adventure is, regardless of how magnificent the things I see, what I look forward to most is the person who comes home from the journey in place of the person I am before I leave.

In a few short days, I am headed back to Spain with several friends. Several years ago, my best friend and I did the Camino de Santiago. We traveled 500 miles along the ancient pilgrimage—he in his wheelchair while I and others pushed him the distance.

Now we are going back with a group of people; some are coming to help, some use wheelchairs, others live with limited mobility, another is blind—but all are incredible and have stories waiting to be shared. And I can’t wait to see how their lives impact mine.

We will cross rivers, climb hills, drink wine, and enjoy good food; but most importantly, we will be together—strangers from across the country and around the globe spending time in each other’s presence, learning from the stories that have brought each of us into one another’s worlds.

I am filled with anticipation for this journey because I know that each person who is joining us will open my eyes to new perspectives, and their love and life experiences will help me be a better person upon my return than I am today.

Here’s to adventure!