Live A Life Worth Repeating

Balance… the incredibly difficult art of maintaining a healthy ratio of the many facets of our lives. Too much of anything becomes unhealthy, like a poison. Too little and the nutrients we need to survive are suddenly in such short supply we are like fruit dying on the vine.

Parenting, exercise, work, rest, relationships, hobbies, etc.; there are many things in life that take our time and energy. If you’re like me, you have the habit of being “all in” until you’re not, because you can’t, because “all in” with all things means everything gets very little and it makes for the unhealthiest of lives.

We must maintain balance and I have found the most important motivating factor for me is my children.

I have three kids… girl, boy, girl; ages 13, 9, and 8. While I’m only about halfway through my parenting career, my children have taught me a lot of lessons. Mostly through the lessons I’m trying to teach them. The most important is living a life worth repeating.

What am I doing in my life that is worth repeating?

Do I want my children to obsess about food, exercise, and body image? No! Maybe I shouldn’t either. Do I want my children to work 80 hours a week, placing work relationships in a position of importance above their partner or kids? No! Then neither should I.

Do I want my kids to curl up with a book and read to their future children, or take them on walks to explore nature? Yes! Then maybe I should do the same. Do I want my kids to take time for their future partners and invest in their friendships so they don’t find themselves living life alone? Of course! Perhaps I should lead by example.

Children who embrace life with a spirit of adventure often have adults in their lives who have done the same. Children, who live a life of fear, never taking risks or trying something new, desperately need someone to model a different way of living.

Whether you’re a mother, a father, aunt, uncle, or friend; there are young ones in your life who are influenced by the decisions you make. Like it or not, it’s true! We all have a responsibility to live a life worth repeating, we just don’t always take that responsibility seriously.

But the more we see our life patterns, our daily decisions, our relationships as a compass by which the children in our lives will navigate theirs, the easier it becomes to maintain balance. Embrace fitness the way you want your children to, eat foods you want your children to eat, treat others the way you want your children to treat others, rest and play the way you want your children to rest and play.

Want to maintain balance? Ask yourself, “Is the way I am approaching _____________ the way I would want a child to?” If the answer is yes, you’re on your way to a balanced life. If the answer is no, it’s time to make some changes.

Live a life worth repeating! Because who you are is infectious; make sure you’re worth catching!