Grass Clippings and Good Times

This past weekend, my wife, Donna, and I were in Walla Walla, WA with some good friends. While work brought us there, we found a little bit of time for rest, tasted some fine wine, and enjoyed some fantastic dinners. Our three children were at home with Grandma enjoying being spoiled.

Any time I get a weekend away from home, I relish the time spent with the love of my life. Every minute of this weekend was amazing. On the drive up I read a book to her while she drove, we found new-to-us wineries and restaurants each day, and we laughed more than most as we enjoyed each other's company and the time with our friends. But the real magic happened when we returned. 

Before I tell you about it, you need to know we are fans of football. Hailing from the Seattle area, my wife is a Seahawks fan, so that means my three kids and I are as well. There is a connection that occurs as we sit together and enjoy a game as a family. However, this particular Sunday meant I was going to be mowing the lawn and catching up on some chores that had built up in my absence.

As we pulled into our driveway, I commented, "Did someone mow the lawn?"

Donna scanned the front yard and said, "I think so."

I stepped out of the passenger seat and peaked around the side of our garage and noticed the backyard looked like it had also been cut. Perplexed, we headed for the door.

When we entered the house, we dropped our bags by the door and distributed hugs to our two younger kids who had clearly missed us. But when I wrapped my arms around my thirteen-year-old daughter, she said, "Did you see what I did for you daddy? I mowed the lawn and even edged it for you. I wanted to make sure we could hang out and watch the game." The light in her eyes was amazing. 

This might be the first present that has brought a tear to my eye. What an incredible gift, unsolicited help simply fueled by the desire to be with me. What a humbling thought, my daughter had spent 3 hours of her Saturday edging and mowing our yard so we could snuggle on the couch the following day and rest in each other's presence. 

While we are football fans and enjoy watching a game, this was about so much more. This was about connecting. My daughter made time together possible because she was thinking about it and willing to work to make it happen.

Her selflessness got me thinking about the things that I can and should make happen with my wife, my kids, my friends; and what do I need to do to make them a reality? Good relationships aren't magic; they don't just appear. They take work and intentionality, requiring us to pursue time with one another much the way my daughter sought time with me.

So ask yourself who you want to spend time with this week.

What are you willing to do to make it happen?