Walk With Me — The Desire of Every Heart

Everything is better with someone you love. Whether it’s a good meal, a fine wine, walks through the neighborhood, or hikes across foreign countries; when we share experiences with others who we care deeply for, there is a depth to such experiences we can’t achieve on our own.

I believe that shared adventure is one of the most important facets to any successful relationship because at the heart of every human id a desire to know and be known. I was reminded of this recently as my wife, and I took a long weekend to Walla Walla, WA with some friends. Six couples, together in one house for three days.

These are people who have been with us in our journey of life for a while now. Some for three or four years, others a decade, and others still for most of our lives.

In the mornings some of us sat in the hot tub and watched the sunrise, taking in the beauty and enjoying the quiet together. We shared breakfast, talked about things big and small, and spent time at different wineries. Each day tasted wine, enjoyed great food, played games, and laughed a lot.

The second morning we were in Walla Walla, I sat with a few of the guys around a fire pit on the back patio. The sun was still low in the sky and the cool morning air fought against the heat of the fire. I read while others chatted, but I kept getting distracted by my thoughts.

What makes this work? How did we get here with so many beautiful people?

We are a jumble of individuals. The things that make us different outnumber the things we have in common. Some of us are conservative, others liberal, and others still are middle of the road. Career paths are varied. Some are introverts, others extremely extroverted, and some fall somewhere in between. I could go on for a while about how different we all are, but the beauty of these people is that despite the differences we possess, we all have chosen to walk this life together.

When we are willing to walk through life with others, and they choose to do the same, we are bound by something far more powerful than shared interests, similar political views, or the same hobbies. We become united by the shared experiences made possible by enduring life together.

The depth of love, grace, and forgiveness I have come to know through these people has only been made possible because every time I have needed someone to walk with me, they have been there to do so.